Just For Today I will Count My Many Blessings

Thank you for this new day , thank you for the air that I breathe, thank you for the earth the fishes the sea the joy and adventure of my life on this planet . Thank you for the sun the moon the stars the sunshine and the rain. Thank you for my family my friends and my pets. Thank you for My home my vehicles , my amazing career , thank you for all the beauty that I see every day. Thank you for the flowers the plants the birds trees   and bushes. Thank you for rainbows, thank you I have a good life , Thank you for my optimum good health and well being. Thank you my life is filled with beauty all around me every day . Thank you for all the miracles in my life every day. Thank you my life is abundant and filled with many many blessings. I have only just touched on a few of the things that myself and my family are blessed with , but most important thing that we can always remember the most valuable thing we can ever encounter is everlasting and here to stay. LOVE LOVE LOVE There is such a lot for me to grateful for and I love to count my everlasting blessings. When we count our many blessings we realise things are better than we realised . THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

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