Sharon is a very gifted Shamanic Healer. When I had a healing with her we chatted about the guidance I was looking for, then I lay on the couch while she performed the healing. I learned through Sharon who my spirit animal was, what help they can bring me, and lots of other information from the spirit world to help me move forward.
I felt safe, nurtured and protected throughout in her cosy treatment room.
I was given a follow up email with all the information she gathered for me as it is sometimes hard to remember it all at the time.
I highly recommend Sharon, Shamanic Journey truly is her vocation!
Thank you so much for all your help Sharon

Carol Truswell

My shamanic healing journey with Sharon was amazing. She made the journey so comfortable for me which helped me to connect a lot deeper. She explained all the steps so well and was an amazing experience from start to end. It’s 100% helped me in my day to day life and use it when needed. I recommend this service to all who want to learn shamanic journey.


Sharon’s shamanic healing sessions are very empowering and deeply relaxing. She makes you feel comfortable and creates a safe space for the session. As a practitioner she is very supportive and understanding when it comes to sharing what you need help with and will guide you through the healing and your intentions. The shamanic healing sessions have helped me discover and grow as a person and the energy from the sessions you feel are beautiful. I would definitely recommend them as they would be a great benefit to anyone seeking healing and guidance in their life 🩷

Sharon is an amazing and supportive teacher when it comes to the one to one learning to journey shamanic counselling sessions. You get given the tools to journey for yourself over a period of time for help and guidance in areas of your life where you want to heal and Sharon makes sure you leave the sessions feeling confident and happy. Sharon makes sure you feel comfortable and makes the experience magical. It’s an extraordinary opportunity and experience that can support you for the rest of your life and it has helped me in so many ways 


I first met Sharon when I went to her as a client when suffering a lot of stress and anxiety. I was amazed how much it helped me, the effect of Reiki is long term not just on the day it is given. I very quickly decided to become attuned to Reiki myself. I have now completed several courses with Sharon and find her very down to earth and friendly. She doesn’t make you feel silly if a deeper explanation is needed, and is always willing to answer any questions that crop up at any time. Reiki has given a new dimension to my life and I am so pleased that it was Sharon who started me on this wonderful path. Thank you Sharon

I would like to say that Sharon is gifted and talented with unique gift which helps us to reach a peaceful tranquil feeling which in today’s society can be difficult to attain in our everyday lives. Sharon is very welcoming and makes you feel very comfortable and I would very much recommend her to all of my friends and family. My sessions have been very rewarding and I always look forward to my next treatment. I would recommend you come and see Sharon she is a very special lady.
Rosy Banger

I knew very little about Reiki therapy when I contacted Sharon, I was just looking for something to help relieve the constant tension I was feeling. Reiki with Sharon does far more than that! I was amazed that right from the first session I slept so much better than I had for a few years. My tension has gone, and my outlook on life feels so much brighter now. She has training in so many forms of Reiki and knows just what will help with your health problems. I felt completely relaxed straight away, Sharon has a gift for putting you at ease, and I now think of her as a friend. After a few sessions I completed a weekend course on Reiki with her (Reiki 1) which I really enjoyed. I am now looking forward to doing Reiki 2 with her in a few months. Discovering Reiki is one of the best things I have done! Thank you Sharon.

I contacted Sharon in November last year as I was feeling very stressed through work and family, I arrived expecting not too much but I could not have been more wrong. I had four weekly sessions with Sharon and at the end I felt marvelous – the stress levels had gone right down and I felt much more positive about everything, I was extremely relaxed after each session and this feeling carried on so I felt more able to cope with everyday life. I also mentioned the aches and pains I was having and Sharon dealt with these too, I can’t explain how this works but it does – another reason to have Reiki. I still see Sharon each month as I enjoy the sessions and they help me cope with the things that are thrown at you each and everyday. I can’t say how much seeing Sharon has helped me so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
Joyce Groom

I have just taken my second degree Reiki course with Sharon and it was an absolute joy. The support, knowledge and encouragement from Sharon was boundless. It had been some time since I had taken my first degree and I have to admit I was not feeling as confident as I could have been but Sharon was very understanding and wonderful to work with. I will be definitely be back for some more courses.

I love working with Sharon- she is so warm and friendly and her Reiki courses are well structured and relaxed. All the courses Sharon has guided me through have genuinely bought more perspective into my life. Sharon offers on going support and help and i consider her a friend as well as my Reiki master.

I have been having Reiki from Sharon for the past few months and have found my treatments to be very beneficial. I enjoy Reiki so much that I have completed my First Degree Course and am looking forward to starting my Second Degree Level course later on this year.

Sharon has been my tutor for Reiki and her knowledge and love of the subject shines through. I now count Sharon as a trusted friend and with her guidance hope to continue developing my own skills. The encouragement which she has given me has been marvelous and I am so thankful for all she has helped me to achieve.


I just want to say how I enjoyed being taught my level 2 Reiki with you. I felt very comfortable with you and learnt a lot 🙂 which I am putting into practice on friends and family ( much to their delight). I would like to learn more about the violet flame too. I will definitely come to you in future as a teacher and guide to help me through to Reiki Master level. Thanking you with lots of special light and love

A Reiki taster session with Sharon left me in doubt that this was something I needed to explore further. I felt the most relaxed I had for years, with a sense of well being and calm. I was lucky enough to then go on and do Reiki Training. Sharon’s warmth and guidance was a gift.  A wonderful experience, I would recommend anyone with any doubt to put your trust in Sharon to experience the true worth of this wonderful treatment.

I have completed my 1st and 2nd degree Reiki and violet flame with Sharon. When I first met Sharon Ii was at a crossroads spiritually. Sharon not only felt like an instant friend but also a trusted mentor straight away. From knowing Sharon I feel like she has woken me from a deep sleep and is showing me the beauty and love that is there. She explains everything so well and The workshops are so productive, practical and inspiring. You can ask her anything or question anything and she answers you from the heart. She cares so much about her students and her clients. I am already saving up so I can do my Reiki Master course with her.
Victoria Campbell

I met Sharon through Reiki by attending her Reiki shares from which I learnt a lot and it brought me back into using Reiki in my life and therapies and in taking the next step to do my Reiki Mastership with her. This I completed in the latter part of last year. It was a very beautiful experience and I have grown in so many ways from doing this course with her. Sharon’s enthusiasm for Reiki shone through in her teaching. She is a very patient teacher and gave me the confidence and encouragement to complete the course. I have very many cherished memories of the time spent with Sharon and Tracey and especially in sharing in the laughter and tears. She is an excellent teacher, and has become a good friend. I am looking forward to the Reiki Drum Day on Saturday and wish her well in her new venture! Blessings, Janet
Janet Kilby

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