Karuna Reiki®

For Reiki Masters

Let me tell you a little about Karuna Reiki®:

Karuna Reiki® evolved out of Usui and Tibetan Reiki from a desire and knowing that there was something waiting to be uncovered. Karuna Reiki® was developed by William Rand of The International Centre for Reiki Training. Karuna Reiki® is the trademark of The International Centre for Reiki Training.

It has been found that in order for you to gain full benefit of Karuna Reiki® you must be ready. This can happen only if your energy system has first been conditioned through the use of the Reiki Master energies. Once this conditioning has taken place your energy system can more easily adjust to the higher potentials available. In addition the experience you gain as a Reiki Master allows you to make better use of the new healing tools Karuna Reiki® provides. This is why it is only taught to those who are already Reiki Masters.

Karuna Reiki® brings in healing energies that are noticeably stronger and able to more quickly heal a wider range of difficulties. Many experience the energy not just flowing through the body and the arms, but all around the outside as well so that it completely surrounds the practitioner on its way to the client. This can be a very moving experience and many who have been Reiki Masters for years begin channelling healing results that are more powerful than previously experienced. This often inspires one to consider why it is so strong and where the energy comes from. One of the advantages of Karuna Reiki® is that it works alongside Usui Reiki and indeed both energy systems enhance each other.

To better understand how Karuna Reiki® is able to create such powerful healing effects it is helpful to know a little about the transpersonal chakras that karuna chooses to activate and permeate. In order for our body to be able to integrate the higher frequency healing rays that are being anchored on the planet at this time, our subtle energy system must be able to hold more light than in the past.

The activation of the transpersonal chakras, such as the stellar gateway, soul star, causal chakra, etheric heart, earth star and Gaia gateway is vital. This is, in part, what karuna Reiki® will do for you. It will help your transpersonal chakra system or even the basic chakras in order to work with Karuna Reiki®.

Karuna Reiki Lotus flower

A Special Type of Compassion

Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means “compassionate action”. This is not an ordinary kind of compassion, but one that comes from an unbounded sea of love. This is the kind of compassion that when combined with wisdom can take one to enlightenment. And once enlightened, all those who have followed this path are compelled by the great love that has grown in their hearts to turn their attention toward reducing suffering and helping others to reach enlightenment also. The people that have followed this unbounded sea of love have unlimited power and at the same time unlimited kindness. They have mastered Karuna and because of this they are its emissaries. They act like beacons sending unlimited healing potential into every part of the universe.

Karuna Reiki® Mastership will run for a three day intensive workshops

If you do not wish to teach Karuna Reiki® at this time and would just like to learn Karuna Reiki® Practitioner 1 & 11 for healing purposes and your own self-development I could offer a two day course which would include all practitioner 1 & 11 Karuna Reiki® symbols with different healing techniques and meditations. If you decided later that you would like to teach then you could do this at a later date.

Love, Light and blessings Sharon

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