Training with Reiki Master Sharon Lounds

The Reiki Master Teacher Degree is for those who have been initiated into Reiki and often feel a calling to go onto the Reiki Master Level to be of service to others, improve their healing skills, and help towards the healing of the planet.

One must have taken first degree where you will have been on a wonderful  journey of self discovery and healing filled with learning and growth on many levels. One will also have taken Second Degree Reiki Training and received the three sacred Reiki symbols, learning the distant healing , mental emotional  healing and physical practice of using Reiki is absolutely necessary before going onto the Mastership training.

It is important to remember when seeking your teacher that you ask how you will be helped and encouraged now and after the course finishes.


The Tibetan Fire Serpent

The Tibetan Master Symbol

The Healing Attunement

Practice Attunements


Introduction to the three remaining symbols

The Usui Master Symbol

Giving Reiki Attunements

The Violet Breath

Meet Your Reiki Guide

Full Body Treatment

The Five Spiritual Principles of Reiki

Peace of Mind

The Reiki Master energy is of high  vibration and can help us to a way of life that can be a catalyst towards positive change. Reiki can bring us peace of mind if we are willing to allow the energy and wisdom to guide us to do what truly makes us happy. Reiki can help us be at peace with the past and have complete faith in the future.

Namaste, Sharon

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