Sekhem Egyptian Healing

Sekhem Egyptian healing is very ancient and sacred. Some common interpretations of sekhem is power or all knowingness or enlightenment.

Sekhem is taught in stages which includes initiation into the energies. Goddess Sekhmet has associations with Sekhem and the recipients can often find themselves working with Sekhmet and other Gods and Goddesses and star beings that are from ancient cultures. Due to Sekhems high vibration it will reveal itself to you in a personal distinct way.

May Sekhem / Sechim/ and Reiki energy bless you and your loved ones and all life form always and forever

Love peace joy and Sekhem/Sechim Reiki blessings,

Class content for Sekhem Level 1 is as follows:

  • Meditation
  • The history of Sekhem
  • The symbols
  • Creating sacred space
  • Initiation
  • Practical hands on treatment
  • Raising your vibration and making yourself a clearer channel
  • Sekhem homework

To find out dates of the next sessions please have a look on the workshops page.

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