Kindness is an act from the heart , it is natural , it can be as simple as putting the neighbours bin back while they are on holiday , or picking up a worm and placing it back in the soil to save it from being frazzled by the sun, smiling at another person, offering a helping hand to someone in need of help in some way. Also remember to be kind to yourself , love whole hardheartedly and allow yourself to shine. Forgive easily , recycle rubbish properly to help protect our environment.  Enjoy taking your dog for a walk and both enjoy each others company and the health benefits as well .  Helping an elderly person to cross the road , and making that long needed phone call to a friend . Fetching some shopping for a family member, neighbour  or someone that is not able to do for themselves at this time. Have fun, get out in nature, breathe, run, skip if you can and express the great joy of being alive. Have a good pair of listening ears , this also expresses kindness to others as very often in life all it takes is to give a bit of time on our part, and this may be just enough to offer a helping hand to another to help them through their healing crisis , this is being human, this is love and very so often is all that is needed to save them and their day, maybe tomorrow will be a better day for them with just asking a simple question, how are you ? , can I help? , make a cup of tea and just listen . Donate something to a homeless person , but much importantly give them the time of day they need, your care not just items, ask how they are doing along the way. All these acts of kindness give off good vibes , they are healthy, positive and contagious. Watering our potted plants , making a lovely healthy tasty meal for yourself and family , visiting family and friends, brushing your dogs or cats coat , hugging family, friends, pets and trees, sending distant healing to another in need and lighting a candle for peace. Most of all enjoy what you do and when you are happy all those around you will be helped to feel happy too.

Namaste, Sharon Lounds.

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