I remember my very first initial initiation into the Sekhem system of natural healing.  I received a message and a wonderful feeling of being welcomed home  .
I have found that Sekhem energies are of a very high vibration. The energy is very focused and clear when setting your  intentions.
It’s a good idea that when you attend for your Sekhem treatment that you can set your healing goals and intentions before the session starts . Sekhem can respond to those thoughts and intentions very quickly and efficiently due to Sekhems high vibration. The energy seems to be very focused in helping the recipient with achieving ones goals. Sekhem will work with each individual in a unique way.  Holding the intention of giving Sekhem with unconditional love and compassion is vital when giving treatments.
We have an obligation to our students also to be approachable so that we can offer continued support to our students and encourage them to use the energy as much as possible.
Sekhem is a living light energy that is known for bringing heaven to earth and is very much an empowering system that gives us tools and practices to help and support our own personal growth and enlightenment.
If you are reading this and feel a calling in your heart then reach out . We will discuss our approach with our training sessions with you and then you can decide .
I teach from the heart and will be willing to discuss anything you wish to ask before signing up to any of our trainings.
Sekhem training is available upon application and we offer various dates throughout the year also .
Our classes are very small and personal, we usually only teach two people in each class for Sekhem .
please feel free to telephone to discuss anything about booking our Sekhem therapy sessions or trainings.
With love,

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