Shamanic healing can be a most relaxing and empowering experience
What help and support would you like to receive in your life ?
What would your life be looking like right now if you were living your souls happiness, destiny and purpose?
There are many people that may be living their souls happiness and purpose.  Some of us are just plodding on in life wondering what that may look like   . What steps do we need to take to bring us to a more happy fulfilling life . Is it more rest that you need ? Do you need to trust in life more and go with the flow ? Do you need more confidence  ?
We all have spirit helpers that long to help us along our life path . All we need to do is acknowledge them and ask . What are we waiting for ?
The shamanic practitioner calls in the loving wise helping spirits at the beginning of the session.  Rattles are used , humming,  singing ,  whistling, dancing or other instruments which are to help the practitioner hollow out for the spirits to work through as a conduit or hollow bone.  The practitioner can then drop into sacred space and will proceed to go into an altered state of consciousness through the repetitive beat of the drum.
The intention will have been set for session and for the spirits to do the diagnostic journey to find out what the recipient will need to help them achieve the help and support they require.
This could be soul retrieval,  extraction,  healing, return of essence,  power, helpful information or messages.
The practitioner does not know anything until the helping spirits instructs them what to do for their helping part.  The spirits are doing the healing session.
What happens is always for the greatest good.  Our spirits love us unconditionally.
Usually some kind of positive energy is returned and the recipient is presented with the results from the shamanic healing session .
I usually contact my clients two weeks after the session as after care to see how integration is taking place and give encouragement to support the overall wellbeing of my clients .
Love and blessings,

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