Shamanic counselling is a technique that will enable you to learn how to make your own personal journeys into non-ordinary reality.  Where you will be able to receive help, guidance and support from loving wise helping spirits that will be delighted to give you answers from the questions you present to them that are relevant in your life at this time.
There are six sessions which need to be committed to on application
Discussion on the shamans map
Setting up of safe sacred space
Exploration of the upper and lower world
Meeting loving wise spirit helpers and teachers in animal and human form
Exploration begins and the journeys will be recorded for the benefit of your integration and growth from all of the sessions.
After all six sessions are completed I will make sure you are feeling fully confident in your ability to make your own journeys and will offer extra support only if necessary after completion.
You will be able to set up your own sacred space
Be confident in presenting questions in a precise manner
Enjoy making journeys by yourself with  your spirit teachers
After completing your sessions you will be invited to join our monthly journey support group.
All of this can help you with your own personal goals:
Help with decision making
Supporting situations
Working in partnership with spirit
Supporting each others growth and development
Working with seasonal celebrations
Feeling held and supported in a safe sacred container
May all who feel guided onto this beautiful path know you are a light in this world and you came here to shine and share your light. Together we are unstoppable energy that can anchor so much light and love in the world.
May all be happy
May all be blessed

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