Sometimes we can  feel angry or upset because someone may of hurt us in some way , and sometimes we just have a go at the people we really care about and love because that is sometimes how stress can effect  us and we lash out . Anger is a very destructive emotion and sometimes can be used to hurt the people that we love and care about the most. but mostly it hurts us. The things we may have said in temper or frustration never achieves anything it just makes us feel bad. Just for today don’t get angry and been willing to forgive dissolves stress, helps with behaviour problems, anxiety , depression and much more. if we are willing to forgive it helps us to  be free from the past and focused on today. Very often in life we mask our pain suppress it try to forget it , put on a brave face and not say how we are truly feeling. The Solution to start feeling better may be to forgive ourselves and others or a situation which is usually the case. It is the first step to making a full recovery  Why wait ?  I know it seems hard when someone has done something to hurt us, but if we are to free ourselves and  except true healing we can forgive to move forward and make a healthier new start . So lets feel that pain for the last time understand it if we must, if  then please just let it go. Just for today don’t get angry forgive easily heal and love ourselves and others unconditionally. Be free !


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