Hi , its been twelve years since I very first received my first Reiki attunement, I can only say how grateful and blessed I feel with Reiki to guide my life. The five principles of Reiki are part of that way of life. They are not commandments they are gifts of wisdom.

Just for today means living in the present moment , not the past or future. Its about been aware and appreciating what we are doing in the moment.

Just for today don’t worry

We usually worry by thinking what if this happens, or what if that happens , worse case scenario and it very rarely does . Worry is just a habit that we get into and never does us or anyone else any good.  Saying every day just for today I will let go of worry has made me and many others think , it could be if we can let of worry, or just for today then we may  be able to get out of our own way and pray for help , ask for a solution for the problem. I actually believe there is never a problem without there been a solution for that problem. If it is there is nothing that we can do to help that issue then may be can come to terms with whats going on,  and in the case of us not been able to change whats going on sometimes just accepting that this is just the way it is for now and we can pray. Payer is when we surrender our worries to the universe and the angels, and like any loving parent the universe wants for us to be happy and at peace . Sometimes when we go through struggles in life we learn and grow from it. We become stronger , we come out of the shadows and into the light , we begin to free ourselves from illusion and pain and begin a quest for a happy peaceful life. We attract healthy relationships, we feel blessed to be alive and part of a loving peaceful universe. Sometimes just been aware of your breath can be the first step to letting go of worry, we actually forget to breathe. Yes we are breathing already but how are we breathing . Be aware of your breath, just for today I will let go of worry, breathe deeply with the intention you are breathing in peace and know that you are a beloved child of God. You are worthy of happiness, you do deserve the best that life can be. Love and approve of yourself unconditionally. The first step to a happy healthy life is self love .   love and approve of yourself unconditionally. Know that this is the first step to true healing along with forgiveness of ourselves and others.When we forgive we let go of fear. Love heals fear and love is so very simple. Remember that there is only this present moment that is real.  The quest for optimum health and happiness is achievable . All that is required is a desire for positive change it can actually be very enjoyable once we come out the other side. If you are feeling anxious depressed stressed remember to tell someone a family member or friend, visit your G P and remember to breathe. Remember Just for today don’t worry.

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